Coudersport Borough Authority and Water Permits

The Coudersport Borough Authority Owns the water system in the Borough and the members include the following

Coudersport Boro     Chairman – William Henry

Coudersport Boro      Vice Chairman – Don Klahr

Members -

Coudersport Boro      William Krog

Coudersport Boro     Louis Wilkinson

plack.jpg (4777 bytes)      Walter Baker

Coudersport Boro

Permits are needed to connect to the Coudersport Water System, which can be obtained at the Coudersport Borough Office presently there is no tapping fee but there is a $200 or actual cost whichever is greater connection fee. Water rates are based on the amount used and the minimum is 0 to 5000 gallons will be $23.63 beginning in the June water billing period.

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