Zoning and Building Permits

Building permits are required for any construction and may be obtained at the Borough Office permits are set up on a fee of $5 for the first Thousand Dollars of construction and $2 for each thousand thereafter. Coudersport Borough has zoning and any building must comply with the zoning ordinance and any items that need a variance must go before the Zoning Hearing Board for approval and the Zoning Hearing Board Members are as follows.


Coudersport Boro      Jeff Shearer


Coudersport Boro      Tim Kinney

Coudersport Boro      John Beckman

Coudersport Boro      Michelle Burdick

Coudersport Boro       Gregory Morey


Coudersport Boro      Michael Shepard

Coudersport Boro

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